Do you recall the first time you saw Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby? [Leonardo

DiCaprio] He managed to distinguish himself from the other well-groomed guests at the

house party by exuding an air of effortless sophistication and commanding presence.

This is exactly the kind of edgy appearance that we have in mind here.

It may appear as though you need to take part in a masterclass in order to get a style

like that, but in reality, looking sharper than 99% of other guys is relatively


You don't need to spend a lot of money on expensive brands if you use these simple

styling tricks because they are easy to remember and will allow you to dress like a

gentleman on a daily basis.

You Should Have Everything Modified According To Your Size

And Shape

Your shirts, pants, jackets, and blazers are the only items that need to be tailored,

unless they are already made to your specifications. Everything else can be left at


Your appearance will be sharper if you wear clothing that fits you well, and it will also

demonstrate that you care about yourself, which is a desirable quality to possess.

Leverage the Strength of Timeless Shirts

Imagine that you're in a meeting, and all of your coworkers are staring at the print on

your shirt. It could be because it has an odd print or an excessive number of colours.

While it is good to have that attention, it is better to create that focus on your overall

appearance. That’s what shaving does. It balances rather than enhances your entire


Crisp and clean shirts are classic and timeless. They never go out of style. Classic plain

shirts with easy patterns and light colours can be paired with anything to create a

balanced look that is pleasing to the eye.

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Ditch The T-Shirts With Flashy Label Prints

Obvious labelling is a big no-no. You can make a plain Rs 1,000 T-shirt look as classy

as a branded T-shirt worth Rs 10,000 if you style it right.

Luxury comes from within, and it’s anything but flashy. Be subtle. Instead, buy good-

quality Polo T-shirts. Collared tees will also add to the masculinity of your look.

Invest in quality and know your fabric.

Quality lasts longer than quantity, and you look better in it. So invest more money on

fewer pieces of clothing.

Check the fabric before you buy your outfit. A high-quality fabric will tend to be more

supple and structured on your body instead of hanging stiffly like cheap fabric.

Also, notice the sheen of the fabric. High-quality fabrics have less sheen as compared

to cheap fabrics. But of course, we have exceptions like silk.

Another quality point you should pay attention to is the number of stitches per inch. This

will affect the look and longevity of your outfit’s seams. A good seam is straighter and

tighter because it has more stitches per inch.

Hand-stitched pieces mostly have more stitches per inch as compared to factory-sewn

pieces. You don’t have to spend much, but try to shop for the highest number of stitches

you can afford.

Wear slim-fit trousers or dark-colored denim.

Fitting is the key to looking sharp, and slim-fit trousers are equally comfy.

If you want a more casual look, choose dark-coloured jeans over lighter ones. They look

stylish and classy at the same time.

Get Grooming

You didn’t work so hard on your outfit, so your grooming routine could let you down.

Just remember the basics of hygiene. Have a clean hair cut and hairstyle. Shave or

shape your beard. Wash your face and use a moisturiser.

As a man with a luxurious look, everyone will expect you to smell great, so pick a

fragrance that suits your style and personality.

Pay Attention to Your Accessories

Your accessories can make or break your look. And the shoes you choose to wear are

at the top of this list. You need to give your feet the class of Oxfords, Derbys, and

Brogues shoes.

Once you have the right pair, move on to minimalist watches that can enhance the

timelessness of your look.

You can also pair your outfit with cufflinks, a tie, and a pocket square for more formal



Men’s fashion has expanded over the years, but the silhouette for sharper looks has not

changed much. That’s why styling tips for men play an important role when it comes to


We would love to know about your personal style. Do you like wearing blazers or you

enjoy wild colours on your jackets?